Leveraging industry expertise and capital markets relationships, Bluegrass provides M&A and financing resources to investment funds and companies.



Bluegrass Capital Advisors (BCA) works with your team to implement financial education programs, promote individual and family financial planning, maximize employee/executive benefit plans, and gain traction with the contribution goals you created for your benefits plan.

Benefit and Design Consulting

If you’re new to employee benefits or would like a fresh approach, BCA will serve as a consultant to help you through the process to create a plan that fits your company’s needs.

Owner/Executive Financial Planning Services

Sometimes corporate executives, focusing on growing their company, over look their own retirement. As an executive or small business owner, you must maximize your earning potential to its fullest while leveraging proper tax advantages the government has in place for unique individuals like owners and executives. Many owners gamble their retirement on business succession, stock-options or a capital event upon exiting the marketing. Often, executive portfolios, weighed down with stock compensation from their current company, aren’t properly diversified. One turn in the market could push their retirement back a decade, or worse, wipe it out entirely. BCA will work with you to minimize your risk, lower your exposure and set up proper business succession plans and buy-sell agreements when needed.

Impacting Lives Through Professional Advice & Trusted Financial Management

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